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August 2010

Future HailDB release planning

We’ve started to plan out the next couple of HailDB releases over on the HailDB Launchpad page. We’re looking at each release being small and incremental changes. The next release or two will help us make the release process nice and smooth as well as fixing a few small things. We are a completely open […]

Ubuntu packages of HailDB now available

In the haildb-core PPA over on launchpad. Thanks to Monty Taylor for packaging.

RPMs of HailDB now available!

Over at the Drizzle Wiki, there are instructions on how to add the Unofficial Fedora/RHEL repository to your installation and then you can install the HailDB package. We hope to at some point soon also submit it to the official repository. We’ll also have debs for Debian and Ubuntu shortly.

Switching to HailDB from Embedded InnoDB

HailDB is a project that aims to continue the Embedded InnoDB project. That is, provide the excellent, high quality and super reliable InnoDB database engine (as used in MySQL and Drizzle by millions of users all over the world) as a shared library to application developers. We just announced our first release! We will shortly […]

HailDB 2.0.0 released!

We’ve made our first HailDB release! We’ve decided to make this a very conservative release. Fixing some minor bugs, getting a lot of compiler warnings fixed and start to make the name change in the source from Embedded InnoDB to HailDB. Migrating your software to use HailDB is really simple. In fact, for this release, […]