New Developer Release! HailDB 2.3.0-athens

We have a new developer release of HailDB out! This is in the 2.3 series, named ‘athens’. It brings a number of new things to HailDB:

  • When hitting a constraint violation (duplicate key), HailDB returns which key was violated for more sensible error messages.
  • HailDB provides an API to table statistics
  • HailDB now properly registered to use trx_is_interrupted, which determines if the currently running transaction has been interrupted
  • Merged code from Innodb 1.0.7 as included in MySQL 5.1.46

We’ll likely have two more developer releases before the next stable release of HailDB. Let us know if you have any problems!

Go to the Launchpad HailDB 2.3-athens page for a source tarball.

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