Shutting down HailDB

Hi everyone,

As you may be aware, there has not been a HailDB release for several years now, the last one being 2.3.2 in 2011. Since then, many things have changed. InnoDB has come a long way, and quite simply, I have not had the time to put into HailDB to update the InnoDB on which it is based.

It’s time to declare it: HailDB is no longer going to be maintained.

HailDB was a project to pick up where embedded_innodb left off, bringing the benefits of InnoDB to any software project that needed a transactional data store, with a nice and clean C API.

Since embedded_innodb and HailDB, there have been a number of other high quality transactional databases follow the “keep the core database engine in its own library” design pattern, and I encourage any remaining HailDB users to look at these.

If you are looking for an embedded database library, have a look at:

It is unfortunate that InnoDB development has moved away from providing InnoDB as a shared library. The original embedded_innodb project and then HailDB attempted to bring the benefits of the InnoDB engine to a larger audience while with HailDB and Drizzle, provide a good clean interface between the SQL server and the storage engine.

I am not planning any future updates to HailDB, although will happily transfer the domain and Launchpad accounts over to anyone who wants to continue development or maintenance.

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  1. dingqipeng says:

    What a pity!

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