HailDB is a relational database that is embeddable within applications. You embed HailDB by linking to a shared library and calling a clean and simple API. HailDB is a continuation of the Embedded InnoDB project. It is not itself a database server, but is a library implementing the storage layer. With the addition of the HailDB plugin to Drizzle you get a full SQL interface.

Q: Why name it HailDB?

A: Hail comes from clouds.

Q: No, really?

A: Hail is solid. (we also wish to have some distinction from InnoDB and avoid any even remote possibility of trademark issues).

Q: Why exist at all?

A: InnoDB development is currently a rather closed process with code only seeing the outside world every 4 to 7 months. We work on a much faster schedule and want to be able to incorporate fixes and use them in Drizzle on a much shorter timeframe.

Q: Are HailDB changes going back to Embedded InnoDB?

A: It is not in our interest to diverge a lot from the upstream project as that creates more work for us. If the Embedded InnoDB project shows signs of life, we’ll look at getting changes upstream.

Q: Are InnoDB changes going into HailDB?

A: Yes! We are currently integrating improvements in the InnoDB engine since the last release of Embedded InnoDB into the HailDB tree. We aim to be at the same level as InnoDB in MySQL 5.5 in the not too distant future.

Q: Is this a reaction to Embedded InnoDB being “under review” and lagging behind InnoDB Plugin ?

A: Partly.

Q: Does the InnoDB team know that we’re doing this?

A: Yes, we’ve spoken to some people on the InnoDB team at Oracle.

Q: Are you compiling with all compiler warnings?

A: We use pandora-build, and get all compiler warnings. There are a lot of them.

Q: What are your plans?

A: In the short term we see improvements in the performance and capability of the Embedded InnoDB API, improvements in the build system, integration of XtraBackup and packaging.

We are working on a Storage Engine for Drizzle that speaks the HailDB API. This will be as performant and featureful as the current Innobase plugin in Drizzle.

Q: Where can I get it?

A: Development is done through HailDB on Launchpad.

Q: Is it a company?

No. It’s a free and open source software project

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