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Ruby Bindings

Padraig has gotten some preliminary Ruby bindings for HailDB up on github. Check them out, feedback is very much appreciated!

New Developer Release! HailDB 2.3.0-athens

We have a new developer release of HailDB out! This is in the 2.3 series, named ‘athens’. It brings a number of new things to HailDB: When hitting a constraint violation (duplicate key), HailDB returns which key was violated for more sensible error messages. HailDB provides an API to table statistics HailDB now properly registered […]

Switching to HailDB from Embedded InnoDB

HailDB is a project that aims to continue the Embedded InnoDB project. That is, provide the excellent, high quality and super reliable InnoDB database engine (as used in MySQL and Drizzle by millions of users all over the world) as a shared library to application developers. We just announced our first release! We will shortly […]

Hudson build bot

We now have a Hudson job on hudson.drizzle.org for the HailDB trunk. From here you can easily see our progress on compiler warnings, lines of code (as reported by sloccount) as well as warnings from cppcheck. At some point soon we’ll expand the platforms being tested as well. We also hope to have the test […]