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High-Performance Storage Services with HailDB and Java Slides available

Sunny Gleason’s talk at the MySQL Conference that talks about building a high performance REST enabled storage service on top of HailDB are up on slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/sunnygleason/highperformance-storage-services-with-haildb-and-java

HailDB presentation Slides

Stewart’s slides from the talk he gave at the MySQL Conference and Expo are up on slideshare: HailDB: A NoSQL API Direct to InnoDB.

Blogs on InnoDB

As you know, HailDB is based on the InnoDB Storage Engine (to be specific, currently based on the last release of Embedded InnoDB). It is the goal of HailDB to continue to provide an API to the InnoDB engine that can directly be used in applications (e.g. a database server such as Drizzle). There have […]

Future HailDB release planning

We’ve started to plan out the next couple of HailDB releases over on the HailDB Launchpad page. We’re looking at each release being small and incremental changes. The next release or two will help us make the release process nice and smooth as well as fixing a few small things. We are a completely open […]